whatsprintis.it Documentation

What's New?

Choose sprints to display

Use the s query string parameter to choose which sprints to display, and in which order. Options are ADO; Actions; ADO,Actions; Actions,ADO.

Bare Mode

On the front page or the calendar, you can use the ?bare query string parameter to get a page without any buttons or extraneous decorations, ideal for, say, Azure DevOps dashboard widgets.


Use https://whatsprintis.it/calendar/(year)/(month) to go directly to the calendar for that month.


Siri Integration

Hey Siri, what sprint is it?

Browser Extension

Chrome (and Edgium) extension is available here. This extension replaces your new tab page with one that shows what sprint is it.

Social Media

There's a a Twitter account. The Twitter account isn't updating currently because Microsoft imposed some restrictions on Microsoft Flow that prevent our action from working.